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Officially registered in luxembourg& United Kingdom, Invest Market Place. is a private investment company.The main objective of the company is to get as much earning from the markets, such as Stock Market and Forex, etc., as possible. If you are interested in online investing, then you must consider The Invest Market Place. as your investing vehicle, it will definitely make you achieve success.

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    Invest Market Place
    Making Sense of Investing
    The highest profitability with the lowest risk, With over 10 years of expertise in international financial markets
    Guaranteed returns
    Oil markets
    Financial bases
    Stock markets
    Money market
    Forex market
    Capital market
  • market professional specialists
    100% guarantee return on investment
    The daily period of investment
    The highest returns on investment
    More than 36% of daily profit
    More 10% referral commissions in 3 Levels
  • + Invest without knowledge of financial markets
    + Technical analysis special investment
    100% Automatic payments
    10% Referrals Commission
    Payment without interruption.
  • Action to invest right now.
    You’re Not Just Another Investor.
    We're Not Just Another Investment Company.

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100% Automatic payments

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Welcome to Invest Market Place

You’re Not Just Another Investor. We’re Not Just Another Investment Company.

10 years of experience in investments business and over 30 months of internet and online investment Our 10 years long experience in direct private sector of investments and over 30 months of internet and online investment helps us to provide best quality and timely services to our clients. Our Group always acts in accordance with the best managing practices to secure high yields to the people we serve.

Welcome to invest market Place

The first plan

|%27.00| |%27.50| Daily for 4 Day

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  • Plan 1 :$20.00 - $699.00 (%27.00)
  • Plan 2 :$700.00 - $1699.00 (%27.50)
  • Period Type: Daily
  • Period Daily: 4 Days
  • Principal return: Included with interest

The Second Plan

|%28.00| |%30.00| Daily for 4 Day

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  • Plan 1 :$1700.00 - $4999.00 (%28.00)
  • Plan 2 :$5000.00 - $8999.00 (%30.00)
  • Period Type: Daily
  • Period Daily: 4 Days
  • Principal return: Included with interest

The Third plans

|%35.50| |%45.00| Daily for 4 Day

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  • Plan 3 :$9000.00 - $19999.00 (%35.50)
  • Plan 2 :$20000.00 and more (%45.00)
  • Period Type: Daily
  • Period Daily: 4 Days
  • Principal return: Included with interest

Calculator profit

Amount to invest: $

Method Amount Fee Total
Deposit $100 0% $100
Profit $27 Daily 0% $108
Net Profit $8 0 8%

Want to know more

the fund includes all investments made by persons

Invest Market Place investment fund includes all investments made by persons, apart from investments made by companies or government. It is a rather new investment form called private investments, which received popularity only by the end of 20th century. While earlier it was only typical for big companies to earn additional income with the help of investments, today smaller enterprises, and even people on personal level also invest a lot and gain much from this. The main aim of individual investors usually is to neutralize inflation, although there are people who make their living with the help of capital investments. Private investments may exist in two forms: direct and portfolio. Portfolio investments mean buying stock of an enterprise, while direct investments mean direct lending money to a business.

Private investments are an important part of global economy. For private investment, it is most important to choose reliable and profitable projects and evaluate investments correctly.

We do this job for you as we have expertise and can check every investment with our stuff - and this is the core condition of our success. If you feel uncertain about your market knowledge, you'd better trust your investments to professionals. If you are a complete novice in capital investments, Invest Market Place Investments fund's experts and experienced personnel will help you choose investments options and create your personal investments plan. If you're a more experienced investor, we will try to stick to your preferred investment strategies.

We will also help you to review your financial investments options and help you stay on the path to your goals. Our high-class specialists will help you make informed decisions about fixed investments, annuities, plans and options, and whatever. We wish you a happy financial year 2011 and assure you that Invest Market Place Investments fund will always be glad to serve you! Please be sure to regularly visit our site and monitor our news. We constantly work on improvements in our policies and services. Join us for a bright and secure financial future



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